‘The Total Money Makeover’: A Review

Dave Ramsey is a spirited combination of personality and information. Though his financial advice is sound, his particular strength is taking into account people’s psychology and emotions.

The Total Money Makeover is one of several books written by Ramsey, and covers the “Baby Steps” needed to take you from being in debt (sometimes grossly in debt) to financially thriving. Unlike people who propose get-rich-quick schemes, Dave emphasizes that it takes hard work, but that with strategy and “gazelle-like intensity,” you can do an overhaul on your personal economy.

Dave’s own experience with money gives credence to his advice: he himself owned millions in real estate in his 20’s, went through bankruptcy, and managed to rebuild himself  and a million-dollar organization. Part financial adviser and part motivator, Dave weaves his own story with the stories of many other people’s financial success to inspire your transformation. Along the way, he debunks financial myths and supplies financial truths in their place.

Not every step will apply to everyone, but I would still recommend Dave Ramsey’s book to anyone with curiosity about how to improve their financial state. I myself am working to incorporate his principles into my own life.


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